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Project: Financials for Loan, Individuals

"...the most informative financial statement I've seen since joining...."
Treasurer, Museum  $150K Revenues

Project -    Rebuild Chart of                                            Accounts, monthly                                                Financials and Budget Direct from
               QuickBooks Pro, Nonprofit Taxes

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Senior Executive, Regional Financial Institution

Project:  Monthly Write Up,:Projecting Cash Flows
over 3 year period, Inventory Valuation, Cost Controls -  $3.5 Mil Revenues, 49% Increased Profit, Monthly Report to Stakeholders, S Corp 

The result "reinforces my confidence in you..."
High Net Worth relocating to Tidewater

Project:  Multi State, Multiple Asset Dispostions
            Projected and Actual Complex Tax
            Estimate and Filing  $1mil Revenue

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Board Member, Professional Association, 300 members

Project: Audit Engagement, Consolidated Financials  C Corp and Parent, $460K+ Revenues