TAX PLANNING and PREPARATION - Business and individual financial planning and tax planning require an independent perspective that a Certified Public Accountant provides.  
PROCESS IMPROVEMENT - Whether you rely on an off the shelf package or proprietary software solution, chances are you may need to analyze how to improve the foundation of your business or personal decisions before making them.  The old adage of "measure twice and cut once" applies to investing, tax planning, restructuring, and managing your business.  
MONTHLY WRITE UP-(closing the books timely on a monthly basis) provides meaningful and reliable information in a summary format useful for telling a story. It is one of the best investments a business or nonprofit can make.  
AUDIT - May be a requirement for compliance.  Through that process, however, may emerge observations which are invaluable to improving financial reporting processes and internal controls.  It is a discipline that looks at historical data, but provides invaluable information about strategic and tactical options for improving the bottom line.  If you are looking at restructuring or refinancing, think about being proactive and looking at your business from the banker's perspective.  Invest in an audit.
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  Non Profit Status for 501(c)3 ?  We have been helping nonprofit  associations and corporations establish and maintain compliance for over 10 years.  Compliance with the IRS ensures a smooth sailing venture and protects the organizations donors who are counting on being able to write off donations.  

 Museums, professional associations,  rescue squads, volunteer fire departments are now being required to prove compliance as a condition of receiving local government funds!  Don't find your organization left out of the funding loop!

What is your business worth?  We have the tools to analyze your business financials and and support a discounted cashflow calculation!

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